Is Shopify legal? Find out if Shopify is safe to buy and sell

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Is Shopify legal? Find out if Shopify is safe to buy and sell

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Yes. Shopify is a legitimate business founded in 2006. It's a company that primarily sells so-called "e-commerce platforms" for building online stores, often with little or no coding knowledge. This way, even beginners can launch their businesses with beautiful websites and payment processing tools for online sales. Shopify started in Canada and now has multiple facilities and offices around the world. It is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange and powers more than 22,000 online stores.

Shopify on the stock exchange
So Shopify is not a scam? What about hidden fees?
Absolutely not. Shopify is a well run business and it has become one of the most prominent solutions for building an online store .

is Shopify legal
There's not even a way for you to inadvertently Phone Number List lose your money with Shopify, considering how transparent the whole subscription process is. Shopify makes money by charging a subscription fee, which store owners pay monthly (usually around $29 per month, but range from $9 to $299 per month for Shopify Lite for Shopify Premium) and then cancel at any time. The Shopify website is full of information you receive when you sign up for a subscription, and you can also sign up for a 14-day free trial to test out SaaS (software as a service) without entering any credit card information.

Every Shopify store owner receives an invoice in their dashboard and email, which means you won't be caught off guard by monthly charges. Also, Shopify does a great job of itemizing your fees, with no hidden fees other than the usual taxes you should pay. But in our experience with Shopify, they never charge any "service" or "admin" fees, so that's a good reprieve for some of the other companies you see.

But keep in mind that monthly e-commerce subscriptions aren't the only way Shopify makes money; it's far from it.


In fact, Shopify earns revenue from payment gateway fees, hardware sales, app store sales, referral fees, theme sales, exchange marketplaces (where to buy and sell established ecommerce stores), email marketing, domain name sales, Shopify Capital, Fulfillment and Investment.

So, yes, is Shopify legal in its way of handling add-on products and services? Will you be hit with some extra transaction fees or need to purchase an app to run your store?
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